Our Puppies

Here at Howling Winds we are breeding for plush coats, sound temperaments, health and intelligence.

Our first litter, February 1, 2002, produced 9 healthy plush puppies that have grown into wonderful, intelligent dogs. True members of the family as the testimonial from Savannah's owners shows.

Our second litter arrived December 16, 2004. Once again all these puppies have exceeded our expectations in looks, intelligence and temperaments.

Garth's sired his first litter with JnL Pocono's Shilohs' Nori on May 6, 2007. Check in now and again and watch the 5 girls and 1 boy as they grow up.

Garth was papa with Ocean State Shiloh's Stacia on April 5, 2008 to 2 girls and 1 boy. We were so proud that we decided to keep the boy. He is now named McGraw and you can find him here at Howling Winds.

Follow the links below to see our beautiful puppies. Also, check out our 2004 Holiday Wishes for even more pictures.