Garth's Gabi of JnL

Gabi | b. May 11, 2012 | brown sable plush


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Howlin Winds Hoss of Ocean State

Hoss | b. September 4, 2014 | gray sable plush


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Welcome to Howling Winds!

Howling Winds Shiloh Shepherds is nestled in the hillsides of Johnson City, New York. We raise our Shilohs as part of our family.

Howling Winds breeds for sound temperaments, health and wonderful intelligence. Our first litter, born in 2002, is making us proud. These beautiful, healthy dogs are succeeding in all walks of life, including Canine Pet Therapy. This litter was such a success that we repeated the Shiloh & Hajna pairing in 2004.

Hajna has now retired and passed the torch on to her beautiful son, Garth. We hope that he, will continue the Howling Wind's legacy for years to come.

Come on in and take a look around. Read the testimonial from one of our Shiloh family. Take a moment to follow the links provided and meet our wonderful family and see how awesome these Shilohs are.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

howling winds, jan lutsic